Planning on attending class for the first time?  Great!  There are a couple of basics to keep in mind as you become familiar with this new fitness endeavor.

  • First, you will need a pair of grip socks.  These socks can be purchased at the studio and help you maintain foot position without slipping while performing the movements.

  • Second, when attending your first class be sure to let the instructor know that you are new to the workout and need to learn some basics before the start of class.  The instructor will give you an overview of the machine along with a general idea of body positioning and how to move the handles and springs.  The equipment may appear to very sophisticated but rest assured the Megaformer is actually pretty simple and a very intuitive piece of machinery.  

  • Third, during your first class there’s no shame in looking at others participants to see how they are positioned on the machine and how they perform each movement. Try to match your position and movements to what you see others doing.  The instructor will walk the room to provide guidance on proper form.  

  • Fourth.  CADENCE.  Each movement is intended to target the slow twitch muscular fibers.  This is accomplished by performing each “rep” over 8 seconds or a 4 second extension and a 4 second contraction.  Advanced students will add a 2 second pause at the full extension of each movement to add challenge to the “rep”, this also helps avoid the “bounce” from momentum.

  • Fifth.  Please remember to breath!!!  This exercise method is intended to maximize health and fitness benefits in a short session (45-55 minutes).  This means that very early (1-3 minutes) into the workout a person will have switched over from an aerobic state to an anaerobic state.  Proper breathing techniques will ensure you can sustain the entire exercise block.

  • Sixth, while the first class may seem daunting, please understand that it is usually the second or third class where most actually “get it” and the movements start to make sense.  Stick with it!  The workout can provide a ton of health and fitness benefits if you allow yourself to remain committed. You will see results.

  • Lastly, if you need some extra guidance or one-on-one training with an instructor, we are always available to help you get over the hump.